Registering with a prescibed qualification

Registering as a clinical dental technician with a prescribed qualification

New graduates from the University of Otago

New graduates who obtained their qualification from the University of Otago can be registered with the Dental Council after graduation day.  A shortened registration pathway is available to these new graduates for the 4 months immediately after graduation.

The newly qualified graduate registration form is available on the website during the open application period (November - March). 

Please be aware, in order to be registered as a clinical dental technician, you must first hold registration as a dental technician.

Registering as a dental technician 

New Zealand prescribed qualification holders 

If you do not register within the 4 months after graduation and want to apply later, you will need to send us the application form for registration in New Zealand for holders of New Zealand qualifications.

If you apply 12 months after graduation, your application will be considered on its merits by the Council at its next meeting.  You will also be required to submit with your registration application:

  • details of activities you have undertaken to update and enhance professional skills, including details of whether you have taken part in continuing professional development
  • a detailed history of employment, including places and dates of employment, responsibilities, and working hours per week
  • details of any practice in an equivalent scope of practice overseas (if applicable).

If you are currently registered in Australia as a dental prosthetist and want to register in New Zealand as a clinical dental technician, you can apply under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act 1997


Registration fees for those who hold a prescribed qualification are listed here.