Apply for registration

Apply for registration

If you pass the examination for the New Zealand Dental Technology Registration Examination (NZDTechREX), you will be eligible to apply for registration. A registration application will be send to you with a letter advising you of your successful completion of the examination pathway.

Validity of documentation

The following documents must be valid at the time of applying for registration:

  • your certificate of good standing - valid for a period of three months
  • an original typed and signed laboratory report with Hepatitis C and HIV serological status; and evidence of Hepatitis B immunity, or HBV serological status*
  • your English language results - a pass in an English test is only valid for two years
  • any overseas registration certificate, if this has an expiry date.

*Please note that the report must be less than three months old at the time of receipt.   The only exception to this is that past evidence of hepatitis B immunity (absence of surface antigen with a surface antibody of ≥ 10 IU/L), from a laboratory listed above, will be accepted.

If any of these documents are no longer valid, you will be required to provide a new copy with your registration application.