Orthodontic resources for patients

Information about orthodontic treatment for the public

The Dental Council established an orthodontic working group to ensure orthodontic patients in New Zealand receive safe and appropriate treatment.

The working group report of October 2016 found no evidence of widespread harm or risk to patients, but recommended one way to improve the delivery of orthodontic services would be to provide patient focussed information. 

If you are considering orthodontic treatment these resources have been developed to help you understand your options.

Have a read through and discuss this information with your dentist or orthodontist.

Brochure for younger patients

Animation for younger patients

Brochure for adult patients

Direct-to-consumer orthodontics

Remote or DIY orthodontic products and services are now available on the New Zealand market. Typically, these involve a patient taking or providing their own impressions and receiving clear teeth aligners in the mail. 

Consumers should be wary of the safety risks if there is limited or no contact with an oral health practitioner registered in New Zealand when undertaking such remote treatment.

A list of registered practitioners is available on the home page of our website.