Self Care for Dentists booklet

Self Care for Dentists booklet


Self Care for Dentists was developed on the concept of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners' Self care for GPs.  The Dental Council, the New Zealand Dental Association and the Medical Assurance Society Ltd developed the Self Care for Dentists booklet. 

Self care refers to behaviour personally initiated and performed on behalf of ourselves and our dependents to maintain or enhance life, health, and well-being. It embraces physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  Self-care actions can involve the prevention, maintenance, promotion and restoration of health.

Self Care for Dentist aims:

  • To promote self care for dentists.
  • To encourage a culture in which self care is accepted and recognised as essential for practitioners.
  • To provide a way for dentists to assess their level of self care.
  • To encourage dentists to take positive actions towards looking after their own needs. 

New Zealand Dental Association

The Association promotes the interests of the dental profession and in undertaking this role provides support, advice and assistance to members. The health and welfare of dentists are critical factors in determining the standard of oral health in New Zealand. Dentistry is a demanding and stressful profession that is most successfully practised with collegial support. The Association aims to provide this support for dentists in New Zealand.

Phone:  09 579 8001 

Doctors Health Advisory Service (DHAS)

The Doctors Health Advisory Service is a national network to provide collegial support and arrange appropriate counselling for dentists and other health professionals with health problems and stress. The DHAS is a personal advisory service for practitioners and students. If requested, appropriate referral for treatment, or other support can be arranged.

Phone: 0800 471 2654 (24HRS)