This page sets out the policies Council has adopted in relation to the administration and interpretation of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003.

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Compliance with standards

Compliance with codes of practice and council statements


Registration as an oral health practitioner in New Zealand

Restoration to the Dental Register

Consequence of removal and suspension from the Dental register

Practising status

Notification of practising status to relevant responsible authority


Recertification of oral health practitioners

Continuing professional development activities

Continuing professional development noncompliance

Approval of continuing professional development providers

Fitness to practise

English language and test requirements

Recency of Practice

Registration information for dental students convicted of any offence against the law


The New Zealand Dental Registration Examinations

Complaints and concerns

Dealing with complaints and concerns

Cases of suspected illegal dental practice

Health and competence

Competence review

Threshold for notification of risk of harm to another organisation 

Management of oral health practitioners with conditions affecting their fitness to practise

Statement on the health and well-being of oral health practitioners

Dental Practice and voluntary restrictions


Approval of courses to equip registered oral health practitioners to remove exclusions from their scope of practice



Annual Practising Certificate (APC) fees

Level of reserves

Budgeting and fee setting

Procedural guidance

Restricted procedures 

Restricted activities and the practice of bleaching by non-registered practitioners


Public information on oral health practitioners 

Guidelines on consultation