Council committees

The Dental Council is responsible for the regulation of the dental professions it is responsible for and has a governance, strategic and policy role. Council has established the following committees:

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 Audit and risk management committee

The audit and risk management committee advises the Council on its financial management, organisational risk management, internal controls and quality assurance framework.

The current members of the committee are:

  • Brent Kennerley - independent member, partner Grant Thornton (Chair)
  • Andrew Gray (ex-officio)
  • John Aarts
  • Karen Ferns

Australian Dental Council/Dental Council (New Zealand) accreditation committee

The purpose of the joint Australian Dental Council (ADC)/Dental Council accreditation committee is to advise the Council and ADC on accreditation matters.  

The joint accreditation committee develops accreditation standards, policies and procedures for the accreditation of Australian or New Zealand educational programmes in dentistry, dental specialities, dental hygiene, dental therapy and clinical dental technology. 

The current members of the committee are:

  • Mike Morgan, Chair
  • Robin Whyman (New Zealand member; ex-officio as Chair of Dental Council)
  • John Aarts (New Zealand member)
  • Lyndie Foster Page (New Zealand member)
  • Werner Bischof
  • Jan Connolly
  • Laurence Doan
  • Anthony Evans
  • Mark Gussy
  • Chris Handbury
  • Jane Taylor

 Continuing professional development advisory committee

The continuing professional development (CPD) advisory committee considers the approval submissions of CPD providers, monitors approved providers, and considers individual practitioner's verifiable CPD. 

The current members of the committee are:

  • John Aarts (Chair, dental technicians/clinical dental technicians)
  • Andrew Gray (dentists)
  • Charlotte Neame (dental hygienists)
  • Gillian Tahi (dental therapists)

Transmissible major viral infections panel

The purpose of the TMVI panel is to ensure the health and safety of the public by:

  • the management and monitoring of registered oral health practitioners who are or may be infected with the hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus or human immunodeficiency virus, collectively referred to as transmissible major viral infections (“TMVI”); and,
  • the provision of advice to Council under section 16(d) of the Act, about the fitness for registration of applicants seeking registration or restoration to the Register; or the fitness to practise of practitioners who are seeking an annual practising certificate; who are or may be infected with a TMVI.

The current members of the TMVI panel are:

  • Robin Whyman (Chair)
  • Ed Gane - hepatologist
  • Kate Hazlett - lay member
  • Mark Thomas - infectious diseases physician