Registering with a prescribed qualification

Registering as an orthodontic auxiliary with a prescribed qualification

Registration process with a prescribed qualification

If you want to register as an orthodontic auxiliary after completing pathways 1 or 2, or you hold other prescribed qualifications, you can start your registration application by working through the online assessment tool to direct you to the correct form.

If you have not registered within 12 months after your graduation, your application will be considered on its merits by the Council at its next meeting.  You will also be required to submit with your registration application:

  • details of activities you have undertaken to update and enhance professional skills, including details of whether you have taken part in continuing professional development
  • a detailed history of employment, including places and dates of employment, responsibilities, and working hours per week
  • details of any practice in an equivalent scope of practice overseas (if applicable).


Registration fees for those who hold a prescribed qualification are listed here.

If we do not receive valid documents to complete your application, it will be withdrawn and an administration fee may be deducted. You will then need to resubmit your application. 

More information about registration pathways 1 and 2

The first two prescribed qualifications are generally referred to as pathway 1 and pathway 2, respectively. 

For information about the processes involved with the training programmes of the first two prescribed qualifications, refer to the following sections:

Read more about pathway 1.

Read more about pathway 2.

A diagram highlighting the processes involved with the training programmes of the first two prescribed qualifications