Consultation on proposed addition of Haumarutanga ahurea/Cultural safety domain to dental specialist competencies for New Zealand

Consultation on proposed addition of Haumarutanga ahurea/Cultural safety domain to dental specialist competencies for New Zealand

We invite your feedback 

The Council is proposing that the Haumarutanga ahurea/Cultural safety domain and competencies, as they appear in the current competencies for all other oral health professions, be included in all the dental specialist competencies, effective 1 January 2024.

In 2021, the Council reviewed and updated the competencies for the other oral health professions (excluding dental specialists). The biggest change was the inclusion of a new domain, Haumarutanga ahurea/Cultural safety, coming into effect for these practitioners next year. The Council acknowledges the valuable input from Te Aō Marama – New Zealand Māori Dental Association and the Māori Oral Health Quality Improvement Group in the development of the domain. 

The cyclical review of the Dental Council NZ/Dental Board of Australia competencies for dental specialists are due next year.

Your submissions must reach us by 5 October 2022.

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Consultation document


  1. Dental specialist competencies: Endodontics
  2. Dental specialist competencies: Oral and maxillofacial surgery
  3. Dental specialist competencies: Oral medicine
  4. Dental specialist competencies: Oral pathology
  5. Dental Specialist competencies: Oral surgery
  6. Dental specialist competencies: Orthodontics
  7. Dental specialist competencies: Paediatric dentistry
  8. Dental specialist competencies: Periodontics
  9. Dental specialist competencies: Prosthodontics
  10. Dental specialist competencies: Restorative dentistry (New Zealand only)
  11. Dental specialist competencies: Special needs dentistry
  12. Dental specialist competencies: Public health dentistry (Community Dentistry)

Submissions are publicly available

All submissions received will be published on the Council’s website and will remain there as a public record. If you are an individual making a submission, only your name and profession (if you are a registered health practitioner), will be published on the Council’s website. All personal contact details will be removed from your submission.

As this is a public consultation, “in confidence” information will only be accepted under special circumstances. Please contact us before submitting material in confidence.

The Council holds the right not to publish any derogatory or inflammatory submissions.