New Zealand accreditation committee established

The Dental Council has formed a new sub-committee that will make recommendations on accreditation matters for oral health programmes that lead to registration in New Zealand. This new accreditation committee will replace the joint ADC/DC(NZ) accreditation committee.

The new committee will comprise senior dental academics (at least one from Australia), New Zealand clinicians, an independent educational standard-setting member, and a lay member. Representation will cover general dentistry/dental specialist, oral health and clinical dental/dental technology. At least one member will self-identify as Māori.      

The following members were appointed by the Council for a three-year term:

  • Prof Robert Love: Committee chair & senior dental academic
  • A/Prof Janet Wallace: Senior dental academic
  • Dr Susan Gorrie: New Zealand clinician
  • Mr Ian Mercer: New Zealand clinician
  • A/Prof Meegan Hall: Lay member
  • Ms Mania Maniapoto-Ngaia: Independent educational standard-setting member.

The Council is committed to robust, independent academic expertise supported by local clinical knowledge and experience to inform its accreditation decisions. Site evaluation teams performing cyclical accreditation programme reviews will continue to include dental academic expertise from Australia or other jurisdictions, as well as New Zealand clinicians registered in the respective disciplines under review.

The Council's focus remains on ensuring educational standards of New Zealand accredited oral health programmes deliver safe and competent graduates for registration and practise in New Zealand. The Council will continue to work closely with the Dental Board of Australia to ensure Australian and New Zealand accreditation standards align to facilitate the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act allowing registered practitioners to work in either country.